Hello world! So what’s this blog really about?

Hello world! So what’s this blog really about?

The Pursuit of Financial Independence

Hey there!  I’ve been pondering the following issue for a few years now:

When  I first started my working career (about 20 years ago), I tried to do the responsible thing and immediately get a financial advisor to get me covered in terms of my retirement savings.  Clever hey?  Not so, I came to find out.

You see, whenever you speak to your normal friendly neighbourhood financial advisor, they’ll get you to commit to a few things:

  1. Get yourself stuck on the hamster wheel for a 35 to 40 year career
  2. Drain your savings through their annual advisor fees
  3. Work your whole life, just to retire poor

My gripe with this is that I DON’T want to work my whole life.  I want to “retire” earlier so that I can enjoy my life, health and relationships.  I basically want more freedom.

So how does one go about it all so you can retire earlier than the “norm”?  That’s what this blog is about.  It is about the a-ha! moments I have as I study this issue, the lessons I learn along the way, the decisions and changes I make to get me there earlier and the questions I have that still need answers.

Note that I’m a South African and that a lot of details on this blog will be tailored toward, or be specific to, South African conditions, for example specific investment products, tax laws, etc.

If you’d like to join in on this journey to financial independence (FI), feel free to participate!



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