The Hamster Digest 2018-09-16

The Hamster Digest 2018-09-16

Here’s a digest of some of my favourite financial independence or personal finance related blog posts that I came across over the past week or so:


Where’s your money?
Stealthy Wealth wrote a really nice post about diversification and took a closer look at his own portfolio’s level of diversification and where exactly his portfolio is invested in.  Kinda ties in well with the post I wrote a while ago about diversification:  The DIY investor’s guide to diversification

The often overlooked financial advantages of partnering up

Over at Tread Lightly Retire Early a nice post for people living together: Since my wife and I moved in under one roof, it has been amazing how much money we save every month.  This post delves into a lot of the nuts and bolts, the benefits (and a few disadvantages) of living together.


5 Lessons I Wish My Parents Would Have Taught Me About Money

Middle Age Money Man wrote a really straight-forward blog post about the 5 basics of money.  Worth it to remind ourselves every now and then about the fundamentals:

I wrote a short blog post about a few more financial concepts that one needs to understand well, that ties in quite nicely with the above post:


5 Lessons Learned in 5 Years of Early Retirement

Justin over at Root of Good wrote a really thought provoking article about the some of the things they experienced as a result of retiring early.  Quite interesting and thought provoking:

Creating Location Independence – Work From Anywhere wrote a really good article a while ago (back in February) about location independence, something that I struggle with quite a lot (since I have to commute a total of nearly 3 hours every day, while I should really be able to work from home – or anywhere else really – according to the kind of work I do):

So there you have it.  A few good reads to help you get through the slow morning at the office!

Happy reading and happy investing!



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    1. Yeah some weeks I’m just so busy I don’t get around to writing a new blog post. But I always read other blogs when I have a moment. So I thought why not share the good ones I came across (and at the same time help other bloggers to spread their content)? Win-win! 😎

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