Welcome to 2020!

Welcome to 2020!


Happy 2020 everyone!

With a new year comes new challenges and opportunities!  What are your financial goals for 2020?  Have you taken some time to think about them?  Will you focus on paying down debt, increase your investment contributions and diversify more, learn more about diversification, stop yourself from always trying to keep up with the Jones’s, or something else?

If you’re not too sure where to start, here are a few good blogs to follow in 2020 (apart from my own, that is!) :


Mr Money Mustache

Mr Money Mustache

Pete retired in his early 30s, through pure badass saving and investing!  His blog was the first “retire early” blog I stumbled upon a few years ago and it open up a new world to me.  He also has an App in the App Store which makes reading his blog posts a pleasure on your phone.


Our Next Life

Our Next Life

Tanya and Mark retired when she was 38 and he was 41.

They now live a life of travelling the world and blogging about all their experiences, as well as sharing a lot of their knowledge and experience to help others reach a fulfilling life like theirs.

Tanya has a great writing style and it’s a joy to follow their story.


Stealthy Wealth

Stealthy WealthStealthy is a fellow South African blogger and his posts are always very informative and detailed, especially if you’re a South African trying to figure out how to navigate local tax issues, available investment products, regulations around retirements, and so much more.

I always, ALWAYS, read Stealthy’s blog posts whenever he publishes a new one.  Worth your time, every time!


Wealthy Content

Wealthy ContentAnother fellow South African blogger with great posts about all things financial, lifestyle topics, local news and so much more!

With regular posts (where does he get the time, haha!!), there’s always something new to look forward to on this great South African blog.



Just One Lap

Just One LapYet another South African site, run by local investment guru Simon Brown (regular author for some local financial publishers) and his loyal right-hand woman Kristia van Heerden (who also produces the great podcast The Fat Wallet).

Lots of info on their website regarding local investment topics like ETFs, tax (especially TFSAs!), retirement planning and a lot more.

Their podcast is also something I listen to religiously every Monday, since the topics they discuss are very relavent to a fellow South African like me.


So these are some of the blogs I regularly visit.  They’re all worth every second of your time.  But there are so many more great blogs out there which I have not even discovered yet, so if you’d like to share your own personal favourite blogs (or your own!) that deal with similar topics, please share in the comments below and I’ll be glad to expand my horizons and also promote these!

Have a great 2020 and happy investing!



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